Vintage blouse and a midi skirt

This blouse is a favorite of mine. I really like its silky soft material and especially its prints. As well as the blouse, is the skirt. The skirt's soft fabric drape beautifully, and its cut gives a retro-inspired feeling which I really love.. or, a school-girl look perhaps? ^^

I often saw breathtaking photographs by my favorite photographers showing warm-toned dreamy pictures that seemed like they were taken in the orange-y dusk or in an autumnal season with majority colors are gold, red, and orange.

Then, I came across this photography tricks by Ryan Strong on one of my favorite sites, A Beautiful Mess, which showing the use of Photoshop to alter the colors of your photos for each season. Some fashion photographers have been using this technique especially for shooting outfits for the next season's trend. It's supposedly a quite easy, simple technique, using hue/saturation adjustments and masks. I could easily changed the background's colors, yet had a difficulty to maintain the blouse's prints' original colors. Regardless, I was so excited to give this trick a try on my outfit photos.. and here it goes:

I like the warmer tone on the finished photo. How about you? which one do you like? Read here to see the tutorial on how to do it.

Outfit details:
multi-colour pashmina
Marianne Paris vintage blouse (old, from grandma)
Denis pants
pictures by Lady Elmas




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