Basma K Everyday Hijab Style

[Photo by Langston Hues, Modest Street Fashion]

I have been adoring Basma K's style (should make a 'style crush' post on her style someday ^^).. Basma Kahie, or well-known as Basma K, is a fashion blogger, designer, and entrepreneur from east London who has been so popular these days and has huge followers to her 'Basma K style' brand, and as one of her fans too, I've been craving in knowing how she styled up her headscarf.

If you want to know it just like me, I embedded here below Basma's tutorials on her youtube channel. I think I really love the hijab styles she shared.. They are super easy to do, simple yet looking so chic, and the important thing they are suit my personal taste and lifestyle -- You will often see me sporting these looks in the future ;)

Now enjoy watching and styling, Lovelies!




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