My Green Printed Dress: A Comfort Practical Dress

I was wearing this dress to a semi-formal occasion in my village. Wearing a maxi dress like this is what I call 'comfortable and practical without leaving the style'.. You simply slip-on the dress to wear it, it will instantly cover all your skin --no need for layering, comfortable to be worn and easy to walk in this dress (thanks to its ruffled skirt and its hemline which is perfect for me.. it fell right on my ankle, it's not a floor-length dress), and, with its front button-up, it's breast-feeding friendly for mom with baby. I think I would love to wear more long-sleeved maxi dresses like this.. ^^

The pictures are a bit blur.. might be because they were taken by my seven years old son who so helpfully taken these pics for me.. hehe (so.. I need a tripod, don't I?)

Outfit details:
chiffon scarf
maxi dress (unbranded, bought in local store)
ankle boots (unbranded, bought in local store)
Solidex Performance purse
In the midday I was wearing Donatello sandals, in exchange for the boots.




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