14 Outfit Ideas from Winter-Streetstyle 'Coloured-Tights' Looks

Louise Ebel, via Miss Pandora
Blair Eadie, via Atlantic-Pacific (left); Elisa Nalin, via Jacopo Raule/Getty Images (right)
Blair Eadie, via Atlantic-Pacific (left); via Facebook/United Colors of Benetton (right)
Natasha Goldenberg, via Collage Vintage (left); Natalie Joos, via Vanessa Jackman (right)
Miroslava Duma, via Vanessa Jackman (left); Natalie Joos, via Vanessa Jackman (right)
via Miyelle Karmi (left); Susie Bubble, via Style Du Monde (right)
Louise Ebel, via Miss Pandora
Julia Sarr-Jamois, via Stockholm Street Style (left); Ella Catliff, via La Petite Anglaise (right)

All of these Winter looks, collected by Lucky Magazine, showcased outfit with any coloured-tights beside the classic black ones. This article encouraged readers to try out more colorful tights to replace the usual black tights/socks. It's really interesting seeing these people came out to the streets with their bold style..

I love the idea of wearing high cropped jeans with purple tights/socks and a pair of gold shoes from Blair Eadie's look above. And, Miroslava Duma in her midi skirt and tights. Also Ella of La Petite Anglaise with her texture-blended outfit in few shades of green. And.. all of these girls' fabulous shoes -- not to mention I'm a sucker for shoes.

Hijab Styling Tips:
In regard to our covered-style, Fall and Winter looks are our big source of inspiration. Here are the tricks.. Simply:
  • replace the tights with your colorful well-tailored fitted-pants, and socks in the same colour, 
  • wear an 'H-line' long skirt under the flared mini skirt, or an 'A-line' long skirt under the fitted mini skirt,
  • replace mini skirt with maxi skirt, or
  • wear a mid-calf length midi skirt or a pair of high-cropped pants to show off your bold tights/socks -- whether they're colorful, quirky-patterned, shiny, or the bling-bling ones..
Then top it off with a headscarf/shawl -- and hat if you want to..

Well, are these tricks just make you want to run to your wardrobe and dress up with fall/winter looks in mind? Simply go head, Lovelies!

Happy weekend and stay fabulous.. ;)

[Images: via Lucky Magazine]




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