Outfit: Better than the boys

This knitted vest was bought in menswear section at a local departmen store. I just love its colors and motif, and its ability to re-mix. Under the vest, I wore a 'doctor's blazer-inspired' buttoned-up white blouse completed with its two pockets at the bottom-front. This outfit really reminds me of my campus daily outfit. I used to wear a vest like this over most of my tops -- usually I wore a shirt as a top -- when I went to college. The vest I owned back then was an inside-out reversible navy-grey woolen vest. I love it very much since I think it simply flattered any outfit I wore, and can also be worn to cover up my sheer-tops. Unfortunately I can't find this old vest in my wardrobe.. perhaps it's already gone to my sisters' closet (hehhe..).

Menswear-inspired staples, like this vest, and shirts, blazers, loafer and oxford shoes, look more appealing and adorable whilst worn by women with a dress or skirt.. no? ^^ And since I wore men's vest with jeans, I added a bit feminine touch by wearing a red faux-pearls bracelet and a pair of wedges.. What do you think?

Outfit details:
chiffon scarf
asymmetrical inner-scarf
ln for Hardware blouse
Ricardo Knitwear vest
Mississippi jeans
unbranded purse
jelly shoes
Tommy Hilfiger watch
bracelet (old)
*Pictures by Lady Elmas




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