I love reading fashion blogs.. Yet, reading many fashion blogs -- with links to some webstores -- sometimes makes me shopping even more.. ^^ This could be because of seeing too many cute stuffs worn by the fashion bloggers, and I could see myself in those fabulous things! hohohhoo.. ;-) I think it's fine as long as you can manage your budget veeery well (need one dedicated post to talk about this) and can search for "gems" in lower or discounted price.

There's a quote I've ever read "Interesting outfits attract interesting life" Is this true or not, I have no idea.. I just feel that fine outfits make me smile, feel confident and "appropriate" in public -- compared with when you showed up in public wearing a blouse with a small rip/hole that you wish people will not notice it, or an un-neat wrinkled dress, or a top with bad stitches, old color-faded pants, or a pair of slippery-sole shoes that you worried you're gonna fall down anytime, or shoes with less-qualified material that rub your feet making a painful friction between your skin against the shoes' material.. So, it's important to choose carefully -- suit to your personality, lifestyle, taste, qualification, and of course, budget -- and well curating pieces you're gonna wear. Then wear them creatively, or simply, to create an interesting outfit. Also don't forget to look after and preserve your 'already have' wardrobe. The good feelings that popped up from wearing fine sophisticated or fancy outfits perhaps that make your life interesting.

Enough with my ramblings! Here, I want to share one webstore based in Jakarta, Indonesia, Hijabenka, which sell cute and fabulous fashion pieces from emerging local Indonesian designers. I knew this store from an ad in one of the blogs I was reading. As one of the top growing e-commerce in Indonesia, Hijabenka provides fashion products especially aimed for Muslim women, that covers clothing, hijab, bags, shoes, and accessories.

I think the webstore has a nice design, and importantly it's easy to navigate. What I love more is that the store offers COD (cash on delivery) as one of their payment method options. This way, you pay when you received the item(s). Perfect, right? For now Hijabenka only accept customers from Indonesia. So, for Indonesian Lovelies, check out below my picked items (dresses, blazers, tops, skirts, and hijab) from the store..

[Muslim clothing and hijab by Hijabenka]

What do you think of Hijabenka collection? Do you have favorite item from the store? Share with us in the comment box below.

Happy weekend, Lovelies!




  1. I'm a big fan of Hijabenka, loves them all. One of my favourite is HASINAH Long Skirt (this one: http://hijabenka.com/clothing/tops/58783-101/hasinah-oragini-butterfly-long-skirt). Recently I found cantik.com also have great collections and satisfy my taste, especially the Long Skirt they offer. It's just beautiful and I loves it!


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