Retro-Style Skirt

I've been eye-ing this SammyDress skirt before I finally decided to buy it. I love pleated skirts, and this skirt also has a silhouette and retro design that I love.. though I didn't wear skirt that much. Still I couldn't stop myself to dream about it. Needless to say, when I received it I directly fell in love with it. It has a great full-skirt silhouette, made of soft fabric, and in midi length -- the hemline reaches right below my knees. Some people I met while I was wearing this skirt, said it's a cute skirt and they rarely see people wearing flared skirt like this (surely they must have meant in the context of our area where long H-line dresses/skirts, and tee or tunic-jeans outfits are dominant). Me, too, think so. Skirts like this -- also come with affordable price -- hardly be found at the local mall or department store.. I'm really happy I have it!

Outfit details:
old fringe shawl
Dust tunic top
Denis pants
old socks
brown purse (bought at a local store)
*Pictures by Lady Elmas




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