Ericdress Boots Bedding-Sets Colour Comparison

Inspired by MissMoss' colour comparison series, I've been wanting to make my own colour comparison since a long time ago. And now when I saw these gorgeous 3D pictures bedding-sets on, I just want to paired those amazing photo-prints on bedding-sets with some boots I love from the same site. The boots look like they complement, and suit to be worn in, their matched-scenery.. For me, the results of this 'kind of addictive work' are amazing! I really would love to play this again in the future with other various things. You can check the links below to find the items I featured here..
- Bedding sets: There are so many beautiful pictures of the bedding-set that looks like it popped out from the bed; from wedding themes, animals, nature, flowers, amazing sceneries, Disney characters, to kids' colorful fun pictures.
- Boots:; from classic to unique boots.

Well.. Lovelies, hope you enjoy your wonderful week!

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