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There are only two seasons here in Indonesia: the dry/summer season and rainy season.. Since these days we are in a rainy season, almost everyday we have to deal with the continuous rain.. An umbrella is definitely a must-have, also a chic good-quality rain-coat -- if you don't want to wear the cheap plastic rain-coats with ugly cut sold everywhere here (click here to see the example of a really nice raincoat from Red Valentino).

As for the shoes, for rainy days it seems that the high-heeled wedges, platforms, or boots will do the work well to avoid my feet getting wet from rainwater-splashing while I'm walking through deep puddles -- Indonesian people do not used to wear wellies (rainboots/rubber boots) here, except the garbage-men.. ^^ Yet, for the sake of comfortability, I prefer to pick the low-heeled boots or low blocked-heels shoes.

A bright scarf will jazz up your outfit in overcast days. And if you are feeling a bit chilly, you can always wear a chic cable-knitted sweater with fun motif/pattern, a trendy or classic lady-like coat, completed with a beanie.

So, what's your favorite clothing-piece for rainy days?

Have a lovely day, Dear!




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