Fall Hues: Golden Lights, Olive Green and the Orange-Red

I'm a type of person who have a changeable favorite color(s) during my life. I remembered as a child and during my teen-life, I was a color blue lover and you can describe my style as a tomboy/sporty style. Never came across my mind that someday my style would change (it evolves to a more classic lady-like style I have now), and my favorite color(s) also change a few times; after blue, I love the color green a while back ago, and now I'm in love with the Autumn colors: olive green, yellow mustard, rust, burgundy, orange -- eventhough we have no Autumn season here..

So, when my sister gave me this dress, I instantly fell in love with its gorgeous color of orange-red (not to mention the dress' design). I directly had a vision to wear it with the color olive green. I just couldn't wait to rock it.. It's a two-layers dress; each with a slightly different color-gradation, made in Thailand from cotton fabric. Thankfully I have a chance to wear it very soon in the afternoon on the same day I got it, just to enjoy watching the sun went down completed with its gorgeous golden lights.. (you can see the shade of the sun's golden lights fell over my outfit and other things in my pictures here).

Hijab styling tips:
- Layer your sleeveless dress with a long-sleeved pretty blouse underneath (such as a bow-tie blouse, peter pan collar blouse, sequin embellished-collar blouse, lace blouse, etc.) instead of a t-shirt, to give your outfit a feminine retro look..

Outfit details:
olive green checkered scarf
Forever 21 blouse (similar)
made in Thailand dress
Denis pants (similar)
jelly shoes (can also be bought here)
unbranded purse (bought in local store)
*Pictures of me by Virtri




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