outfit: in rhyme with birthday's balloons

These photos are taken about one month ago, exactly on the date when my little sweetie had her first-year birthday moment. Actually, at first, I wanted to take photos of us both just for our private 'family-memories' album, yet then, I also want to keep some of the photos here, on my blog.. [again] just for our memories.. ;)

Anyway this vintage midi skirt has been my favorite lately. I can dress it up for formal occasions or dress it down for more casual days. It can looks contemporary or vintage.. and in regards to kids birthday party, its unique big-dots motif looks in rhyme with the birthday party's balloons.. ^^

Little sweetie was wearing her favorite pink Disney Minnie-Mouse tee-dress from her auntie.
*Happy Birthday, my Dear.. I love you.
Outfit details:
shawl (old)
asymmetrical inner-scarf
baby pink tee
vintage skirt
Denis pants
jelly shoes
purse (bought at a local store)
*Pictures by Lady Elmas




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