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[Source: Julep]

It's always fun for me to go through over vintage fashion images on photographs, books, magazines, film, over the net, etc., and drooling over some of the vintage clothing pieces, wishing to have them now and thinking how I would style them up in this 'modern' era..

These images from Julep's blog really inspire me to go digging my wardrobe (and my mom's suitcase..^^) hoping to find some gems from back then, or the new version ones, that I could rock! ;) Ohh, I remember I have a scalloped green cardigan I've ever rocked in this post, yet I forgot where I put it in my closet. And just for you to know, these days I'm head over heels for the peter pan collars; on dresses, blouses, and in necklace's form, but still couldn't find yet the peter pan collar-necklace I'm dreaming of.. I'm in love with this one, this one, and this one, but they are out of stock. Now I'm thinking a DIY project to make it myself as I've got an old hat's cap that already fell apart. The hard-board cap is perfect for collar necklace's base material (no?), and there are plentiful tutorials of making peter pan collar-necklace on the net..

What is the classic, vintage-inspired clothing piece you're drooling over right now?




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