Tuxedo bow-tie t-shirt

As I mentioned back in June I tried designing my own t-shirt with HiCustom. After much mental debate on what color or print my t-shirt will has, I settled on one interesting print and went for a long-sleeves black tee. I wanted a versatile t-shirt that I could mix-and-match with other pieces, and.. with long sleeves so I don't have to layer it to cover my arms. While I chose black I decided to focus on a bit quirky print so the tee could be basic but not boring; I opted for a print that has an illusion like you are wearing a formal tuxedo with a bow-tie. This motif actually is a motif of men's suit and usually the bow's color is black or red, however I choose it for my tee's print and exchange the color of the bow-tie into pink, so it will look more girlie.

Now the t-shirt is here -- actually it has arrived in August but I didn't have a chance to write about it until now-- and I'm absolutely enamored with it; the print is fabulous and the t-shirt's fabric was made from premium cotton; it's soft and comfortable to wear.. I picked size L for an over-sized look. Here, in these pictures, I wore it on a 'playing day' with kids, and I can't wait to dress it up with black skirt and heels for a more formal occasion. Check out HiCustom if you're interested in designing, not only your own dream tee, but also other things like hoodie, sweatshirt, phone-case, hat, mug, etc.




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