2014 Recap: Outfits

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December: 1 / 2

2014 was a wonderful year to me. It's the first year I committed to frequently include 'my outfits' posts on the blog -- before, it's only one or two outfit posts a year categorized in 'a bit story of my life'... One of the nice things about doing this is just having this record to look back on. Yes, it's mostly my clothes, but the pictures help me remind of the sweet memories and moments in my life.. Also it's really nice to have a style-file for my ever-evolving style (I plan to be more into skirts and pretty socks this year -- after a year full of very simplified wardrobe as a new-born's mom again); And, as my precious little girl growing, I'm pretty excited about all of the looks I have planned moving into 2015..



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