'Folded up' cropped pants

[Image above via Man Repeller]

Inspired by Man Repeller's image on instagram recently, I styled up my outfit wearing my pants 'folded up' like that -- see the image above. I rarely folded my pants up like that.. -- except when I'm at home doing some house-cleaning ^^. Eventhough I have several pants that hit below my ankles, I always wear them the way it is. If I need a pair of cropped pants, I will bring my pants to the tailor to get them cut off at the hemline, or buy a really cropped pants.. Yet, by doing this (folded up the hemline of the pants), you can instantly create a visual-effect of cropped pants.

Hijab styling tips:
Add a pair of socks with pretty motif to jazz up the whole look..

*Pictures by IR, edited by me.




  1. I have some pants below my ankle too (because I'm short). This looks so nice! But probably works with heels/wedges only T.T

  2. @Zatil Aqmar: Although you can't go wrong wearing cropped pants with heels, flats also work really well with cropped pants.. Wearing them with ballet flats will give a simple, sleek look, reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn. Loafers look so well too with cropped pants. Pumps with kitten heels also give a chic, polished look to cropped pants, and they work far better than flats for shorter women.


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