A Guide to Buying Embellished Dresses

Embellished dresses scream glamour and classy, however it is easy to get it wrong if you do not choose your dress wisely. It can be quite a difficult task choosing the right embellished dress, but with a few handy tips you will be sure to look amazing in your new purchase.
Although embellishments look great, they can also look cheap and tacky if your dress lacks skilled craftsmanship. If the embellishments are not embroidered well, they can wear over time and may begin to fall off your dress after a few wears. This can instantly make your dress look cheap. Purchasing your embellished dress on line may also be tricky as the images published may not be a true representation of the dress. 
  • It is always recommended to purchase a dress that you can try on.  If it does not fit properly, it can look inexpensive and you may be faced with other ramifications including paying extra to get it tailored.
When purchasing your dress, 
  • think about the occasion and whether it is appropriate to purchase a gown of this calibre. You do not want to overpower the bride or the birthday girl with your eye-catching gown, so ensure that you consider your options. This does not mean that you should stay away from embellishments altogether, just be wise about your decision and don’t go for something that is overpowering. 
  • Lace is a beautiful embellishment that looks classy and elegant. If you are a fan of intricate beading, opt for a gown that has a gorgeous beaded décolletage rather than a gown that is beaded head to toe. These are just a few ways to ensure you still look fabulous without taking the attention away from the main attraction.
Some dresses are not made to be full of embellishments, as it will make them look too busy. For example, an embellished kaftan cannot be covered in beading as it will not be practical and you will lose the look of it being free flowing. 
  • Too much beading can also make it look heavy and awkward. Minimal embellishments can make a simple kaftan a statement piece, which can be worn to other places other than the beach.
Embellished dresses are a very popular trend at the moment, so it will not be hard to find that perfect dress with a perfect amount of detail to suit your needs and occasion. Dresses of this calibre can be expensive hence it is important that you choose your dress wisely. 
  • The beading and design can be very delicate so when buying your dress ensure that you check that there are no defects especially if you are buying floor stock. Ask for a dress that has not been worn or alternatively if this is not an option, make sure you check that all the beading is intact. 
  • Always read the care instructions and ask the shop assistant how to care for your new purchase. You would hate to wear it only a few times and ruin it by washing and caring for it incorrectly.
With just a few tips you can ensure you have purchased the perfect embellished dress for you. Don’t be afraid to try on different styles, as you will know when the right dress comes along. Always consider the occasion, craftsmanship and fit of the dress and you will not go wrong in choosing the perfect embellished dress for you.

A guest post by Emma Ingramm
Her site: camilla.com.au 




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