Hijab Style: Wegdan Hamza Designer Headwraps

I'm quite enamored with these unique headwrap designs by Wegdan Hamza. Wegdan Hamza, originally based in Egypt, has been a head wear designer for more than 30 years. I myself have been known Wegdan Hamza since few years ago from Hijab Style blog.
"How to cover your head with a very elegant, and very comfortable head wrap has always been my concern for more than 30 years. How to choose the healthy materials, cheerful colors and designs is always my target. " - Wegdan Hamza
Her designs were bold with interesting details such as a pretty bow, ring, flower-look folds, or bright colorful accents. Mostly are ready to wear hijabs, meaning no pins needed. How cool is that! Hamza's collection of headwraps include everything from the casual, formal, to trendy -- embellished with flowers, rings, or butterfly embroidery, has houndstooth print, or decorated with artificial fur; to bridal -- laces, tulle, topped with crowns. There are many other designs at Wegdan's site if you interested.. and the best part is right now Wegdan Hamza kindly gives a 25% OFF when you shop at her webstore: wegdan.com, by simply using the code FF25 at the checkout.




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