Outfit: Fresh as Green Leaves, featuring Wegdan Hamza Headscarf

Last week I received a package of headscarf from Wegdan Hamza, and.. don't have to wait too long, I wore it yesterday with my green-leaves printed baby doll top, a white chiffon skirt, and a denim jacket. Green is one of my favorite colors. I usually can pair green with almost any color of clothes. There are some colors you are comfortably wearing, and for me, green, blue, grey, peach, and beige, are those colors that fall into that category. So, when I picked a headscarf from Wegdan Hamza, I chose this green chiffon headscarf with side wrap and beads. Chiffon is my favorite fabric for headscarf because it is lightweight, soft, doesn't absorb your sweat, and it drapes beautifully. The side wrap and little flower beads add some personality into the headscarf -- which is whimsical..

When I opened the package and saw this headwrap for the first time, one thing that crossed my mind is that I want to pair this scarf with whites.. and I was picturing in mind a Spring season; the green grasses and flowers are blooming, and I'm walking in the field fulled with tall feathertop grasses that have white soft-looking feathery flower spikes.. -- Actually, there's a field like I pictured above in my area, but because of some other things I should did, I couldn't make it there. White chiffon outfit also make you feel so pure, and the green leaves print adds a nice touch of freshness..
Note: There are plenty of unique headwraps on Wegdan's site that may fit to your style if you are interested. Use code FF25 at the checkout to get 25 % OFF your purchase.

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Outfit details:
Chic Simple baby doll top
Lois Spain denim jacket
DAC chiffon skirt
*Photo by Rania, stylewhimsical.blogspot.com



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