Photography: Antique01

Wearing: an old shawl, a basic white shirt, Loewe dress, Mississippi jeans, and cut-out Mary Jane style wedges.
In this digital era, people can easily make new photos looking old (or perhaps do the reverse, too? ^^), or even do some touching-up to your photos to make them looking better. For today's post I'm posting some photos of me playing with the kids on our casual day.. I implemented an effect to the photos to make them look like old photos -- am I succeeded? I did not change the photos' color into Sepia (a reddish brown tone to create an "old-fashioned" effect) as people usually do when they want to reach this sort of 'old look' because I want to keep their original colors. These (photo) look perhaps are "the look" that my kids will see as grown-ups seeing our nowadays' pictures..

How did I do it:
I used PhotoScape to edit these pictures. At the 'Home' tab click 'Filter' tab. Then, in the pop-up box, choose 'Antique Photo' then select 'antique01'. Done. As simple as that.. You can see the result, then save your work. Try it if you like..




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