The difference between vintage, second hand (or thrifted), retro, and antique.

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Today I want to share a good post by Sonja on her blog, Retro Sonja, that explained the difference between vintage and second hand (plus retro and antique, too). As you know, lately many shops, titled vintage clothing shop, are blooming, and what irritating me is that some of these stores may not sell REAL vintage items. They sell second hand clothing, or imported new/preloved clothes in vintage-inspired (or retro) style, yet labeling them using the term vintage. As Sonja described in her post:
... there's a lot of misunderstanding on the difference between vintage and second hand clothing. A lot of people think that vintage is a fancy word for second hand -- which actually there is a difference between the two. 
So, this article from Sonja is a good source to make us all clearly understand about what each of the term means (vintage, second hand, retro, and antique), and can use them in the right context.

Here's the link to read the post: The Difference between Vintage & Second Hand (+ Retro & Antique)

What is your thought? Do you a retro-style and vintage clothing lover, too?



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