Outfit: Feels Like A Ballerina

At first, when I saw this skirt online from pictures, it looked like a usual chiffon skirt. I bought it anyway because the caption said it's made from suede-style fabric, and luckily the shop had it in color brick too -- wow.. I was in a hunt for this; a thick, wool or velvet or leather-like skirt in color rust or brick, inspired by the red dress in Ulyana Sergeenko's debut collection back in 2011. So, when it arrived, I was a little hesitant, yet surprisingly I was amazed instead.. it's a beautiful flaring skirt. It's super wide and made from quality suede-style thick fabric as the seller mentioned. When trying on this skirt, I pulled out the skirt to the side to check how wide its width, and suddenly.. I felt like a ballerina and can't help myself to swirl and swirl in this skirt..

Little Ballerina, dance for me,
A delightful scene for anyone to see.
On your tiptoes ever so light,
You dance with magic through the night.
Across the floor you flow with ease,
Little Ballerina, dance for me, please.
I watch you glide with splendor and grace,
As a smile of innocence beams on your face.
Prancing about with magic in your feet,
A wonder to see like an angel so sweet.
Little Ballerina, dance with flair,
Swirling and turning through the air.
Hands moving with the music as you go,
A fantasy to see with a magical flow.
Dance upon dreams that play in your mind,
Upon the dance floor miracles to find.
Feet moving so graceful with ease,
Little Ballerina, dance for me, please.

Outfit details:
old shawl
unbranded embellished-collar blouse
*Pictures by me




  1. you just put on a cowboy hat, you can have wild wild west style I guess, love the colour of the skirt

  2. @unbridgedstyle haha.. that's a good idea, Dear. I'm definitely tempted to get my hands on a summer hat soon and try new looks with it.. I almost never worn hats before ;)


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