Outfit: Lampion Garden

Yesterday I got a chance to bring little sweetie playing at the Lampion Garden. It's a beautiful place with cute lampions every where. Sadly I didn't bring a proper camera to capture this cute things. So I could only captured this view with my 'standard' mobile phone. I wondered these lampion's bulbs would be so pretty if being shot by a fancy camera.

I was wearing a peach colored vintage dress that has a very low neckline, yet instead of wearing a tank top underneath or a cardigan, I managed to cover the bosom by wearing a contrast-colored pinstripes shirt underneath, and... I love the result! will be wearing this sort of 'styling' more often.. Also, in love with my new peach checkered socks.

Outfit details:
old scarf
old pin-striped shirt
vintage dress
Adele pants
unbranded socks
*Pictures by Lady Elmas




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