Outfit Plan

It's really nice to sometimes plan your tomorrow's outfit -- and it's a fun activity, too! Sometimes I planned my outfit ahead, sometimes not, but most of all I didn't plan it. I just grabbed what dress or top that catch my eyes or I want to wear that day (depending also on what activity I would do that day) as a center point, then everything else were picked to match or style it up -- with a little twist here and there if I wore the same piece. One day I wore a collared dress with my headscarf tucked in underneath the dress to show off its pretty collar and ribbon-bow; the other day I wore my headscarf over the same dress and adding a necklace to accessorize it. Shoes also make a huge different to a look. As for tomorrow, I plan to wear this same dress with one of my favorite pairs: Samantha Pleet-Wolverine Nellie lace up shoes.

Outfit planning is definitely has a lot more advantages than not -- you can be more creative with your wardrobe for sure! So, how about you, do you plan your outfit ahead?

Outfit details:
vintage dress
old necklace
Samantha Pleet-Wolverine shoes (similar)
*Pictures by me




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