Product Review: Wegdan Hamza 'Side wrap with beads' headscarf

Wegdan Hamza is a head wear designer originally based in Egypt. Her site,, is  providing cheerful or elegant headwraps with unique designs for the international market. I was sent a 'side wrap with beads' headscarf to review.

This head wrap is made of chiffon fabric. It has an attached neck scarf (length 110cm x width 35cm) and a side wrap made from few ruffled layers of chiffon and a ribbon tied and sewed together on one side. There are also two ribbon-lines and flower-shaped beads sewed on top. Actually wearing this head wrap is a bit of 'taking a mild sartorial risk' for me because of the side wrap (I think I'm sort of conventional for headscarf style, but it's also fun to sometimes trying on a new style!). I chose the color green as I love green and it looks nature-y. This green one looks more casual, compared with the black one that would be so pretty for evening parties or other formal occasions. Unfortunately, for me, the neck scarf is less in width, so I still need to wear an inner scarf under it to cover my neck and bosom. If the neck scarf could be made wider, it would be perfect.

Overall, I love the headscarf, especially those little flower-shaped beads.. It looks fun to be worn in some afternoon-walks with the kids. If you are looking for unique head wraps in a wide range of various hijab style, Wegdan Hamza website is worth it to check, as I ever wrote about it in my previous post here. And because Wegdan Hamza designs these pieces herself, some of them are so unique that you can't find at any other place.

Note: If you're interested in purchasing Wegdan Hamza head wrap, you can use the code FF25 to get 25% off your purchase at

*Pictures by me

Here's my ootd post featuring this headscarf:
Outfit: Fresh as Green Leaves, featuring Wegdan Hamza Headscarf



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