TchiTchi Doll Bag Charm

Ascia AKF on her instagram wearing a linen shirt, Manar N. Joseph L handbag, TchiTchi doll bag charm. Photo by Nawaf13

TchiTchi Doll is a handmade doll for accessorizing your bag. As a bag charm, these little dolls look so cute! and I love how this doll adds an extra stylishness and luxury to the bag (see the first photo in this post where this doll added extra charm to Ascia's whole look). And also, these dolls' outfits! If you take a look carefully, you can see that these dolls wear amazing outfits.. very exquisite and sophisticated. I think it can be customized to fit your bag's style or your personality. My favorite TchiTchi doll's outfit is the flared red dress with white pearl-like beads.. More TchiTchi dolls pictures are here.




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