Cute Print Dresses and Whimsical Photography by Poppy England

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Poppy England... successfully makes me falling in love with their clothing collection: cute hand drawn illustrative prints on dresses and skirts, pretty peter pan collared blouses, fresh-colored cardigans, and playful tights/socks, along with their 'whimsical take' on photography-ing their pieces, or a 'mother-daughter' themed photoshoots. As a mom of a daughter, Poppy England's lookbook surely captured my interest.. and, as a covered-style fashion lover, I do wish they make these dresses and skirts in a longer hemline -- eventhough I can always wear these sort of dresses with pants underneath.

The fun part is.. each dress comes with its own story book. So, if you happen to end up with one of Poppy England dresses, you will get a little storybook in your package that match your dress. Wow, isn't it amazing? Having a pretty dress that come with a story, and every time I wear it I will always play back that story in mind and have fun wearing the dress..

Note: This week Poppy England is giving you a cardigan half price if you buy a poppy dress from their website using the code POPPYTREAT.

See more Poppy England's pretty pictures at their gallery on tumblr.

(All images courtesy of Poppy England)




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