Outfit: Butterfly Brooch with Floral Print Skirt

This beautiful butterfly brooch was a gift from my mom. It looks like a real butterfly. The wings are so thin and delicate just as the real butterflies' wings. This butterfly brooch is handmade and handpainted by local craftsmen. The wings are made from Silk leaves, and the pin is glued at the back-part. Even though this brooch looks fragile or easy-to-break -- at first I too supposed it was --, but actually it's not.. I wore this all day, and it's strong enough to be worn on days I did my usual daily activities as a mom. If you fold the wing, then open the fold and bring it back to its original form, the wings will shape back as it was first without any signs of folding or any breaking parts.

As for my today's outfit, what else would go perfect with butterflies besides the floral prints..

Note: if you're interested in this butterfly brooch, just send email to: griyaelmas@gmail.com as they don't have any online store yet. They also accept custom order (for example: if you want this butterfly as a wall decoration rather than as a brooch, with batik pattern, or others). *I save a few of these butterfly brooches on my shop, too :)

Outfit details:
old green checked scarf
Gap t-shirt
old skirt
old butterfly ring
Tommy Hilfiger watch
old Mary-Jane style cut-out wedges




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