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An old friend of mine that I've never met for a long time recently contacted me, telling me that she was in town right now and ask me for a meet-up. She really wanted to meet her old friends in town. So, we were thinking about instead of a meet-up for us both only, why don't we arrange a bigger meet-up, more formal, a sort of homecoming event. When we tossed up this issue to all friends, they all felt so excited and agreed to have a homecoming event, yet not formal or fancy, just a casual meet-up as it will be felt more comfortable and relax..

Now I'm just wondering, if only we had a fancy reunion or a formal homecoming party, what kind of clothing or dresses we might came up with. I browsed one site, Pickedlooks, that provides lots of ball dresses to find out what designs of evening dress or ball gown they have. Almost all of them have an open-shoulder or fitted-top style. However, who doesn't love gorgeous A-line, or loose, long, elegant full pleated skirts made from fine material? As for these 'too open' tops, I can always wear a fancy blazer over it.. -- even though it would be better if these dresses come with a long-sleeves non-transparent top. So I thought there's no reason to be hesitate to get your hands on one of these kind of dresses if you love it.

Here are some styling tips to get a 'hijab look' from these sort of dresses:
  • Choose the one that has an A-line silhouette (it could be a flared pleated skirt or a full skirt), or pick a loose H-line silhouette.
  • Make sure that the material doesn't transparent; or if it does, make sure it's fully lined or has multiple layers that make it not transparent.
  • No slit on the skirt.
  • If the dress has an open-shoulder or a fitted top style, wear a blazer that will fabulously match the dress and suit to the event you're going to. And wear your headscarf with a style that also cover your bosom.
Well.. have you got your dress and ready for the party, Lovelies? ;)

Pictures via Pickedlooks.com




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