14 Best Summer Outerwears by Ericdress & some buying tips

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What kind of jacket or coat style you are looking for when you are in the hunt for a spring-summer jacket? A typical trench coat? Leather jacket for windy days? A jean jacket for transitioning from spring to summer? A thin linen blazer? A plaid over-sized blazer? An edgy checkered black-and-white cropped jacket? A bold long-style coat? Or, a pretty lace jacket or a cute floral retro-style coat?

There are so many options out there, whether it's online or offline. You can also have more than one style to be worn interchangeably depending on your mood or the weather that day.

Regardless, buying outerwear might be tricky for some people. For me, outerwear is something I want it to be versatile and sturdy, as well as stylish.. just like shoes. This "requirement" make me looking for quality when buying outerwear, and quality comes with price. So, when you've just found your dream summer jacket, what's next? You'll look at its price, don't you? (if you don't, so it's just me who done that..). Price always comes into my consideration when buying an item. I won't spend crazy amount of money on clothing item and its shipping cost (if buying online). Even though it's true that mostly more expensive items come with more exquisite quality.

So I usually look for a moderate (if lucky, I might have a high) quality with an affordable price one -- if any. And the search mostly took a very long time, because it's a rare (and a fortunate) to find such delicacy in cheap prices.. Psst, I give you my secret, I frequently find these gems in thrift stores (yet not everyone want to wear secondhand clothes). My tips on this is.. don't get tired to be in a hunt for something you would love to have. If you see the coat of your dream in a price that is out of your price-range, try to look for it in ebay, etsy, instagram, or in secondhand stores, or wait patiently for a moment as you may stumbled upon it in a place or in a way you've never think of before (for example: the item unexpectedly is being discounted), or wait for a great sale season (with risk that your dream item will not available anymore). Or, you might also get it new in some online stores that sell cheap coats.

As for you who are looking for a new summer outerwear in an affordable price, it might be worth it to check out Ericdress.com. Ericdress is one of those online shops which offers various clothing items, including outerwears (you can find them here), handbags (here), and accessories (here), in quite cheap prices.

As I went browsing Ericdress.com yesterday, I found these great selections of jackets and coats -- see my picks above -- that look chic for those summer days. Well.. what do you think of my picks?




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