8 Garment's Detailings and Cut I'm in Love With..

Beautiful and whimsical detailing (=decorative feature) on a garment are so appealing to me, as well as the flattering cut. It has been so long that pinterest and instagram become a big source of inspiration for me including on things like pretty garment's detailing. I love pretty collars, whimsical prints, plaid/tartan, polka dots, cute embroideries or laces, puffed sleeves with wrist-cuffs, flared flouncy skirt, also a garment's shape/cut along with high-quality fabric that give the garment a flattering look.

The images I compiled here are images of detailing on a garment or a garment's cut that I'm so in love with. They were taken from instagram and mostly are vintage clothing. The first image was taken from Daniel Waks, a 'street-style' French photographer, and the rest are taken from ShopWhurl.

Number 1 is a super wide skirt with thick fabric, cut in a ruffled style,
2 is a dress with unique 'hand-fan look-alike' foldings,
3 are trapeze-shaped dresses,
4 (in the middle) is one of the gorgeous dresses I fell in love with instantly: whimsical design with pretty collar and cuffed-sleeves, and gorgeous polka dots fabric blend in creating this beauty,
5 is a pretty dress with beautiful color green, square white collar and cute puffed-sleeves,
6 are dresses with beautiful print, plaid pattern, laces, and embroidery,
7 is a dress with multiple layers of peter pan collar.. love it a lot,
and 8 is a dress with all pretty-ness of the embroidered fabric and print.
There are still many more detailings on a garment, or the garment's cuts I love that I might share in the future posts. As for now, I'm really hopping I have all of these garments... or I can find garments like these... or I can make (I mean a dressmaker can make me) something like these..




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