Outfit: Loose green dress with yellow-gold scarf

This sort of dress' cut; loose baby-doll style, is probably one of my favorite cuts for long tops or dresses. I frequently bought a dress just because of the dress had this cut. This green dress I wore has a nice loose cut I love and pretty embroideries over the neckline and near the hemline. The material is very comfortable, so that I love wearing it on a trip or during traveling. These looks were taken on my trip to Cilacap when we took a short-transit at Purwokerto bus station where there were a green park and a kids' playground completed with colorful lamp-ed umbrellas hanged up as the park's ornaments. I paired the green dress with a yellow-gold scarf since I'm a fan of the green-yellow color combo.

Outfit details:
Adele headscarf
Saya pants
mary jane style cut-out wedges
*Pictures by Lady Elmas




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