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As a mother who take care of the children on my own, I love shopping online.. not only because of its convenience, but also because I don't have to deal with children messing up things at the store or chase them around the store.. 

The advantages for shopping online is that you can shop without leaving your house, you can ask the seller, via private chat, anything about the product without a judging-staring from the sales promotion girl like when we shop at the 'bricks-and-mortar' stores. It can be done easily anytime and anywhere you want to as long as there's an internet connection, and the best thing is, you can find many cheap items online, compared with the prices of the same products at the mall or at the high street stores -- eventhough, on the other side, shopping online also has disadvantages such as you can't see and try out first the real product.

There are so many sites that act as a port/hub/online mall or market-place for those millions of online shops, let's say from the old big international ones like Ebay, Etsy, Amazon, to the small start-up business local ones. By visiting one of these kind of sites, we don't have to check those millions online shops one-by-one for the item we are looking for. We can just visit the specific port site for that item.. for example for unique artsy or handmade things, we go to Etsy. 

There are three types of these 'online-mall' sites; ones where the transaction/payment-process taking place on the site, they handle the shipment and have the products in their warehouse, like Amazon; ones where the transaction taking place on the site but they do not have the products, like Etsy (each product is shipped by the store/seller themselves); and ones that act as online-shops' yellow pages that only advertise the products on their sites and let each transaction/buying-process handled by the stores/sellers themselves, such as many market-place sites.

Instagram as a social media is also a fun place to shop. Honestly, I didn't dig down deeply researching why people love instagram to shop. The thing I know for sure is that I also love instagram for shopping. It's just so easy and exciting, you just tap the app on your phone, then... voila! beautiful images come up, also adorable pretty things showed up on your timeline tempting you to buy, along with their (mostly) affordable prices in the caption or the links on where you can buy them (whether it's directed to other instagram account, other application, or to a website) -- of course, this depends on the accounts you're following.

The buying process is also much easier (especially if you do the payment online). You simply contact the buyer via their personal number/email with the product you want to buy and your mailing address. Pay online or transfer offline, then the seller ships the item to your home. As for Paypal users the process is much easier, you can just live a comment below the product you want to buy with your paypal email, then the seller will send you the invoice. You pay and they ship the product to you. No need register first or login like on a website, no filling out a long form at the checkout page.

Yet, the weakness of shopping at instagram is that you can't instantly find all those shops you love. You can find a shop by either you stumbled upon it, or know it from other instagram account, or the shop 'like' or follow you first, or you find the shop from the 'activity' column, or you have to take some efforts intentionally searching for those shops through hashtags -- the last one is difficult.

Now for you who live in Indonesia, there's a start-up site named that's trying to make our shopping experience better. It's a sort of market place or advertising media for Indonesia-and-instagram based online shops where you can find many shops and products you might need, particularly in fashion, beauty, and home-decor.

As a buyer, you can browse the site to find stores/products you love (people who don't have instagram account also can join to find products being sold on instagram and buy them here). As for the sellers, they can wider their potential customers, not only instagram-based buyers, but also reaching out to all internetters.

Shopious guaranteed that all online shops at their sites are trusted. They have carefully selected and reviewed the stores, and the stores was obligated to pay a membership fee.

How to buy on
Technically, the buying-process is no different with instagram-based online shopping. 
1. Find the product you want to buy, click on the product's image or store's name. You will be directed to the product/store's page where you can see the store owner's contact number.
2. Contact the owner/seller to buy or to ask anything about the product.

Tips on shopping online: Do double check first whether the store is trusted or not, it can be by talking/chatting to the store owners, or reading reviews/testimonials from other customers, or see if the seller acts professionally or not, is he/she speak politely and respectfully, being honest, is there any unusual things with the transaction, etc. I also trust my own instinct about the store/seller..

Personally, I haven't yet bought anything via this site. I do have browsed and tried out its search engine to find product -- and I found many adorable shoes here with very affordable prices! (As for the products' quality, it depends on each product and store. You have to ask the seller directly about their product's quality).

Unfortunately, because is just starting out, there are not many yet instagram's popular shops or my 'already-favorites' shops in this site. So it would be better if the site invites more shops to join by giving something attractive, such as special promotion or special offer. This eventually will attract more buyers to join. At the end, hopefully both, sellers and buyers, can take the most advantages of this site.

For now... please have a visit to ^^

*note: this is a review post, and I get a small amount of compensation for doing this. all opinions are mine.




  1. I am addicted to online shopping. It's so convenient and I love waiting for the postman to deliver a box....but, don't like it when the thing I receive doesn't fit :(


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