Outfit: Adding yellow to the classic black-and-white stripes

The classic black-and-white stripes is pretty much similar to the plain basic colour, such as black, white, grey, navy, camel, that can be paired with almost any other colours, or even patterns -- like I ever wrote in my previous posts; 'What colors match the black-and-white stripes' and 'Fresh looks of the classic black-and-white stripes'.

As for me, actually I'm not a huge fan of black-and-white stripes on t-shirts or dresses, especially the ones that come with bold/wide stripes. I think they resemble the prisoners' clothes, if the stripes are printed horizontally; or pajamas, if the stripes go vertically.. (don't you think so? no?). Even though I can't deny that these stripes can look so gorgeous, and many people have been pulled them off fabulously, I would rather wear these stripes in unusual or twisted patterns, such as printed diagonally, a mix of horizontal and vertical stripes, a mix of thin and thick lines, or mixed with one other colour, etc., or simply wear stripes in any other colour combination rather than black-and-white.

Like in today's outfit post, I wear a dress which has a black-white-grey-stripes pattern. The addition of grey lines to the black-and-white stripes make this dress looking more understated (less bold) and uncommon. The yellow cardigan add a fun pop of colour, and for the headscarf, I pick a scarf with shade grey to tone down the whole look. A black, yellow, or other colours, headscarf will only make this look looking too bold or "too busy".

So here I am, out and about, with my little sweetie, in a matchy-matchy outfit..

Outfit details:
grey headscarf (old)
old dress (bought in a local store)
cardigan (thrifted)
black pants (old, similar)
black socks
sandals (borrowed from mom)
*pictures by Lady Elmas




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