Outfit: Little Grey Riding Hood

Honestly, when it comes to title my outfit post, I often can hardly think of anything that seem like a perfect title for the post. Wearing and styling clothes in the morning when preparing myself for doing that day's activity, is both spontaneous and planned for me.. Sometimes I planned and tried out my outfit in the night before, and sometimes it's not like a plan that came into practice; only picturing the outfit in my mind along with what that would be a perfect photo backdrop/scene for it so that it will become a loveable outfit post. Sometimes I'll just pick up what I want to wear spontaneously in minutes before I leave the house (sometimes I love the result, sometimes I didn't). And sometimes I didn't wear what I've planned to the night before, I changed my mind in the morning and wear something else. Then I snapped few pictures of me, where ever and whenever it's possible (carrying children around on my own limited the option) to be my outfit photos on the blog. As well as the clothes I wore, sometimes I planned the photo-scene (I really wish I can do this more), sometimes I didn't. All of these is an expressive, creative, fun process for me to do and I'm nearly never think of what title of the post would be.

So, when it comes to title-ing the 'outfit-of-the-day' posts, voila.. I often got "blank". I'm not sure whether I should go with a literal title, or went with metaphorical or allegorical title -- not to mention the technical things like SEO, etc. It would be much easier if I also had some tips/tutorial on the outfit-styling that day or have some information to share beside the outfit itself. I usually would simply title the post with those tips or info.

If it's the same outfit, it would be harder, I also have to think on what title should I use that would differentiate it from the previous same one. On the other hand, sometimes two (or three, or four) different outfits can go nicely with the same title. For example a title like: 'Pairing Stripes with Dots', can be a title for millions of outfit posts, so you have to see what differentiate each of them, whether it's the location the photoshoot was taking on, the story behind the outfit, the mood that day, or the tips to achieve the same look, anything.. that can be used for a more specific/special title.

So here I am in a lovely pale baby-blue dress with white polka dots and pretty laced collar, paired with my new favorite scarf; a wide charcoal-colored cotton scarf, and a grey flared outer. The pictures turned out very nice in spite of they were taken by my sweet 7 years old little boy -- of course after I adjusted the camera-setting first. When I started to look at these shoots, I thought this outfit somehow resembled the Little Red Riding Hood, but in shade grey -- even though the scene didn't support the look.. it's not in the forest. The grey coat and the scarf can be pictured as a hoodie coat. So I ended up title-ing this post with the metaphorical one..

If I wear the same scarf and coat in the future, won't it be boring if I use the same title?

And these shoes again.. that have a small rip at the front-part.

Outfit details:
Pendora polka dots dress (thrifted)
Gelmor outer (from Adele store)
navy pants (old, similar)
black polka socks
Adele handbag
Tommy Hilfiger watch
unbranded shoes

*pictures by IR



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