Free downloadable patterns by Elenany UK to make your own Sports Hijab Hoody

A single layer t-shirt-weight hoody with a built-in face mask (sewn into the front of the hood) that can be pulled down under your chin to cover your neck.

If you like doing sports especially outdoors, this sports hijab hoody by Elenany UK, that's recently shared on her blog, is something worth to try. I personally love the design. Some sport hijabs look "odd" when they're being worn. But this hijab hoody looks so cool and comfortable. On her blog, Sarah Elenany, the designer behind Elenany's products, share free downloadable patterns (templates) for you to try to make it your self -- or let a seamstress does it for you. She said that this sports hijab hoody are so easy to be made (there aren't any complicated armholes or zippers that are really hard to sew). So if you are interested, go check Elenany's blog; click here and get those patterns!




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