Outfit: Marianne France Blouse

This blouse is a vintage piece that first owned by my grandmother (or perhaps my grand grandmother), then handed down to my mom, then my mom handed it down to me --and someday I might handed it down to my little girl. The label says Marianne France. I love its shape/cut, and it's very well tailored. It made of soft silky chiffon fabric and has lovely color of yellow, white and teal-green. This blouse has been worn so many times in various occasions, and paired with different pieces; with skirt, pinafore, sleeveless dress, vest, or pants. This time I really want to dress up "practically" --so I wore it with pants. Pants are so practical in ways skirts/dresses can't compare --especially when I'm playing on the ground with my little girl. Now I just want to go outside taking her to play...

navy scarf (old)
Marianne France vintage blouse
grey vest (old)
Saya navy pants
socks (old, can be bought here)
unbranded shoes




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