Outfit: Summer Bliss

I love pinafores.. (some people call them: overalls or jumpers or apron dresses). This pinafore dress is actually inspired by Apricity's Sunday dress (which, understandably, out of my budget -- not to mention the shipping cost -- and also I want it in a longer hemline). So, when I got this vintage black-and-white plaid pinafore-dress from a local vintage shop here, I was so happy -- it has a perfect midi length I want and I love its cut, its black-and-white pattern, and especially the collar.. it's only waiting to be worn in a perfect 'scene' I had in mind. Like I said in my previous post, I wanted to wear this pinafore and took pictures of it in a scene inspired by these photos by Tara Violet Niami.

So when the children's school invited parents for a meet-up with teachers in a bright sunny morning, I knew it, it's a perfect day -- and a perfect scene with swings in the playground and big trees' shade -- to wear this pretty pinafore dress and post it in a black-and-white photography..

white blouse (old)
black pants (old)
mustard socks (can be bought here)
mary-jane style cut-out wedges (old)
*pictures taken by Mirsa, camera setting by me*

Photos in colours:




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