Editor's Picks: Landy Bridal's Wedding Gowns

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I love the classic white wedding gowns with a touch of vintage, with an A-line flared skirt, laces, bow, and veil, worn in a beautiful nature rustic themed party. When I got married, I wore a traditional bridal dress; a Yogyakarta-nese wedding outfit named 'Paes Ageng'. Actually this wedding outfit and all the traditional rituals/ceremony are so delightful, glorious, and have deep meaning. I love it. But, there's something about white 'fairy-taled' wedding.. with those 'cinderella' full skirts -- yet perhaps not all of you like them -- that make me so in love with. White wedding looks so pure, clean, natural, and lovely.. However, I love both of them, and can't choose one if I have to -- I'll choose them both; the glorious splendor traditional wedding dresses and the all white lovely 'fairy-taled' gowns. Each has its own beautiful vibe and elegancy.

And recently, I found my mom's vintage white bridal dress, and what first crossed my mind is why I didn't wear it when I got married. It's just too beautiful to not been worn again. I totally forget about this beautiful dress. My mom also didn't remind me about her wedding dress. I remembered that time when I got married, we all were too excited about the traditional wedding rituals and ceremony, how colorful it is (golden yellow, green, red, brown, black), and put aside all this 'white' rustic-themed wedding in a lovely white vintage wedding dress. Now I think I should've had them both...

So if you love beautiful white gowns for wedding, these beautiful 'fairy-taled' gowns by Landy Bridal can be your choice -- they also reminded me of my mom's wedding gown. These vintage lace wedding dresses have pretty cuttings, beautiful lace detailing, magical skirts that come with gorgeous fabric.

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Here are some hijab styling tips on wearing these kind of gowns:
  • Wear these sleeveless/short-sleeved gowns with special-made wedding wraps; such as this long satin coat-dress, or this silky satin blazer. You can also customize what kind of wedding outerwear/wedding wraps you'd love to wear.
  • Then over your white headscarf/shawl, top it off with a beautiful veil.

The wedding-wraps:
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Wedding Veils:
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Or add a wedding hat like this one on top your headscarf:

And right now Landy Bridal has a free shipping campaign of their wedding dress orders, and has some wedding dresses under 500 dollars.

Well.. tell me what do you look for from a wedding dress? What's your favorite?

[Images source: http://www.landybridal.com]




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