Fall 2015 Yellow Color Trend featuring TideBuy dresses

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According to the Zoe's Report by Rachel Zoe and Pantone, this fall 2015 hot color is golden yellow or, Pantone called it, Oak Buff -- that looks like a bit brownie yellow. I personally really love yellow mustard -- I used to love blue when I was a teenager. Then, when I was in the university, I love color blue, navy, khaki, and grey. After I graduated from university, I prefered color green more than blue. Now I love 'Autumn' color-palette; yellow, rust, bronze, terracota, burgundy, dusty orange, olive green, and still navy and grey (and I'm actually still surprised that people, including me, can change their preference to color).

As for this coming-up color trend, I have picked up some yellow dresses from TideBuy.com which I think they have chic cuts, pretty detailing, and the most important is they can be styled into a hijab-ready outfit -- and I'm sure most of you are really good at this layering-stuffs. 
It's an art of choosing the right shape/cut, the right fabric, color, and how you style it.
But I think I would just share again some quick tips on hijab-styling:
  • For dresses with mini skirts, you can add trousers, loose skirt or pencil skirt underneath.
  • For midi-skirted dresses, you can add jegging (jeans-legging), pants or a skirt underneath.
  • To cover these formal/evening sleeveless-dresses, add a blazer, satin bolero, or sequined cardigan over the dress (I recommend to not to wear tee underneath as a replacement to the outerwear -- except for the kaftan-style dress -- since it doesn't look good to the eye, unless you're a very good stylist: choosing the right fabric and color for the tee, and how you style the headscarf to achieve an elegant look), 
  • then top it off with a velvet satin shawl for a sophisticated elegant look.
Although some of these color yellow of the dresses I picked are less golden/brown, yet they still can fall into the yellow color trend -- anyway their yellow are so pretty, too.. As for the shape, I picked various of style from loose shape, baby-doll, kaftan-style, flowy-skirted, to 60s style shift-dresses. For me personally, I have been into trapeze and shift dresses lately, so my favorites right now are the last four dresses...

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Casual and maternity dresses:
9 / 10 / 11 / 12 (left to right, top to bottom)

So, if you have some homecoming parties in the near future, probably you would be interested to check TideBuy's homecoming dresses here: http://www.tidebuy.com/c/Homecoming-Dresses-4369/, or browse all categories of their dresses here:  http://www.tidebuy.com/c/Dresses-100035/ since they have relatively cheap dresses for women and girls.

[Images source: http://www.tidebuy.com]




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