Outfit: Bicycling

I almost never go bicycling in the past few years, after little sweetie was born -- I used to go bicycling long before with her 'already in school-age' brothers. Then, when my sister came visit us recently, she "insisted" me to go bicycling with her, and I was happily accept her request. Fortunately, little sweetie was sleeping, so she stayed home with my mom. It was only a short ride, because I couldn't leave her for a very long time. Now I think I really need a baby-chair that can be put on the bike, so that we can bring her along on our next ride... However, it was fun. Bicycling with sister-only brought up the childhood-moment when we spent most of our time playing with sisters ;)

Outfit details:
pinafore (thrifted)
denim skirt (vintage) 
Point One jegging (old)
Solidex Performance purse (old)
*pictures by Mirsa




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