Outfit: Plumeria Blooms

I managed to get these pictures in between my busy schedule; doing errands and other routines. As a mom of three -- without any assistant, except for ironing -- I often feel I don't have time doing things for myself, so I really have to take some time willfully for doing this. As for daily outfit, I need anything practical, and an outfit like this one usually wins my pick.
I love skirts and dresses, and trying to wear them more frequently. Yet, the ease of wearing pants (underneath a knee-length or midi skirt) is unbeatable, compared to wearing a long skirt -- with or without pants underneath --, and the skirt itself add a touch of feminine, which I love. So for now, this kind of outfit is merely my 'go to' outfit. 
Luckily, there were lots of pretty Frangipani flowers (Plumeria sp, well-known here as Cambodia flowers) fell off all over the place where I took photos, and they add lovely colors to the pictures. Out of the frame, the kids were playfully mimic-ing me, taking pictures of each other with a small pocket camera...

cardigan (old)
dress (thrifted)
pants (old)
navy socks
*pictures by Lady Elmas, camera setting by me




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