Blog Birthday: 6 Years!

As of today I have been blogging for 6 years! And this is the first time I write a special post regarding my blog's birthday. Much has evolved around here since I sat down and shared that first post back in 2009; from the page design, to the content, to the photographic materials I use; from using a simple pocket camera, to my fancy dslr now; from title 'Fashioning Faith' to 'Style Whimsical' which was reflecting the blog's content evolution from more of fashion news to more of my style diary. There's been times when I was super productive, and times when I didn't have much time to blog especially in the first months after my youngest was born. Yet I'm grateful to have this journal to look back on -- and having little sweetie in some of my outfit posts!

Anyway, I would like to use my blog's birthday as a day to try to think of some goals for the coming years -- new creative projects, ideas on how to improve my blog, and to bring on more years filled with beautiful photographs!

Thank you for reading my blog for all these years!




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