Destination Wedding Dresses featuring Cocomelody Gowns

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These days destination weddings are so popular. People love beautiful or unique places as their wedding venue, whether it's an outdoor or indoor, even though they have to to take a long distance to get there and of course take a more budget. It can be in an outdoor-setting like in a forest, near the lake, in the park, on a beach, in a private island, etc., or indoor like in an old castle, in a unique buildings, at a hall with traditional ornaments, etc. People are intentionally looking for a place, sorting from many, that can be their dream wedding venue.

And this should be followed by choosing the right (appropriate) wedding dress to fit their chosen venue for the wedding. The dress should not only look gorgeous but also need to be "practical" -- eventhough there's no such word 'practical' for wedding dress. No one wants their wedding dress be too practical, is it?
For example, a beach wedding need a light and airy fabric for the bridal (and also the groom maybe) outfit. A chiffon and organza seems perfect for beach wedding dresses. As for a mountain-slope wedding, the addition of a gorgeous fur outerwear might be substantial. The dress' style also need to take into consideration so that it fits the venue and be a gorgeous, stand-out-from-the-crowd wedding gown.

So, this is the time to tie the knot. Whether you are planning a traditional ceremony, a quick jaunt to City Hall, or a destination wedding, I have rounded up a few wedding-dresses options for you. And this time I picked them up from Cocomelody. These gowns are so elegant, with gorgeous detailings ,cuts, and beautiful flared skirts! You can check out their fabrics first in the description to see whether it suits your dream destination wedding or not... More options are on the site: destination wedding dresses, and luckily, there's a sale campaign running right now on the site.

Note that all of these wedding dresses' style are not hijab-ready yet. For hijab wearers, you need to add a jacket or an outerwear specialized for wedding, and a headscarf. To spice up the look, you can also add some accessories you love, such as a flower crown, a fascinator, jewels, etc.


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