Outfit: Into the pine-woods and down by the river

I really like the result of these snapshots. The lights from afternoon's sun, the scenery, my gesture, create a photography I've been wanted to. Taken during my short 'nature' trip exploring the area near my town -- we found out this small pine-woods I never knew before, and a river. I like the 'woods shoot' more, compared to the 'river shoot' I took. The river, where I took these snapshots, is at an open land.. perhaps it would give different result if there are shades of trees covering the river.

I think the woods or a forest has more opportunities to create magical photography. As for this shoot, the lights that fall between the trees, peeking out from the leaves and branches, the shades of trees and other vegetation and animals, the pine cones, the moss, the cool breeze, the dust that came from Merapi volcano's eruption; all give those magical vibes of 'fairy tales'. It's like I was playing in the fairies and elves' wonderland.

Actually, I want to dig out more for this shoot; like trying different angle and composition, trying different pose, and playing more with lights, yet, with your young children around, you just can't do that...-- you know, after I finished taking these quick photos, little sweetie already covered with dust!

But after seeing these photographs, I definitely want to do 'woods/forest photography' more often.

At the river:

Forever21 blouse (similar)
vintage dress
old jeans (similar)
Bellagio boots (similar)
old handbag
*pictures by my aunt, camera setting by me*




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