Outfit: Sunny Day at Sambisari Temple wearing Retro Red Polka Dots

It's such a fun for me to occasionally wearing a cute retro dress like this one: red polka dots with a pretty knitted collar. The baby-doll cut, polka dots, and cute peter pan collars always make me feeling nothing other than girly, whimsical, with a retro feeling.

I paired this dress with a few shades of brown: brown headscarf, brown pants, brown socks, with a pair of wooden-heeled black shoes and a maroon handbag. I don't know if these colors are a perfect match for the dress or not, I just wanted to undertone the dress -- anyway, for me, it's not whether the colors are a perfect match or not, but rather what colors you want to wear at the time to express and experiment with --. If I paired it with black or white, or another red, the whole look will be looking too bold, or too retro. I think brown, beige, or grey simply undertone/soften bright colors smoothly. Pairing brown and red together also bursts a warmth vibe.. and that was what I wanted at that time. 

The climate of a 'dry' season here also made the green grasses turning brown. Along with the bright sun lights, undoubtedly all these photographs turned out looking so warm... (you can see the photos of this temple's green views when I visited it during the 'rainy' season in my old outfit post here).

By the way, my hijab style was inspired by Saman Munir of Make Up Hijabs, yet with a little twist on my own. I love this style and I think it suits me well -- you will see me wearing this style a lot! If you're interested in trying this hijab style, you can watch the tutorial here on my previous post (it's the first tutorial in the post!).

Outfit details:
pants (old)
Tommy Hilfiger watch (similar)
purse (old)
*pictures of me by Lady Elmas, camera setting by me*




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