What I bought: un-snagging pins and a lovely pink shawl with textured lines.

As I wrote in my previous post, in mid-September 2015 I went to Hijabmorfosa Festival at JEC, Yogyakarta, where I bought some interesting things that I'd love sharing with you. The event was about talk shows, hijab tutorials, beauty class, creative workshop, and other entertainments, including hijab expo market followed by hundreds hijab fashion brands.

To cut a long story short, here's what I bought -- I bought two things:
first, a lovely dusty pink shawl with textured "lines" woven in its fabric. The fabric is soft yet easy to shape, and the reason why I bought it are I'm in love with the "lines motif" and I didn't have pink shawl yet;
second, the innovative pins that was claimed that they won't snag your scarves and crumple up the threads, causing crease and wrinkle or hole on your beloved scarf, as the regular pins usually do. These pins are actually simply not having the spiral form that regular pins commonly have at their ends.

When wearing regular pins, the scarf's threads usually get twisted at this spiral form, get stuck in it, then tearing or loosing the threads and making hole on the scarf.

I don't know if you girls already knew about these pins or not, but I myself just found out about this kind of pins. Actually I've ever knew other type of 'un-snagging' pins before, which has some kind of plastic cover that covered the pin's end's spiral form hoping the threads won't get stuck in it. But, they're just not working for me.. the plastic cover easily detach from the pin.

So, I was so happy to find these pins. I've been looking for pins like this for "ages".. I spontaneously bought 30 pins in color red, black, and gold -- thinking that I might be can't find them again anywhere.. but then I shared few of them with my aunt, and plan to share them with my sister when she arrived home from doing Hajj.

If you are interested in what I bought, here are some details about them I got from their tags. The shawl's brand is UNA (instagram/shop_una), and the pins are sold by Dit (phone: +62 821 3748 7115).

Do you know any other type of 'un-snagging' pins? Please share with us in the comment box below.. thank you.

*pictures by me*




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