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I hardly ever wear jewelries. Mostly I wear a watch, and sometimes wear alternately a ring and a bracelet. It doesn't mean that I don't like jewelries, it's just I usually forget to wear one (or two), and in my days now wearing jewelries seem not practical for me as I handle the children on my own.. But today, I want to share some fine jewelries I found at Angara which specializing in diamond and gemstone jewelry, and has main business in engagement rings.

I like browsing the site, and found so many beautiful pieces to choose from. There are various colored gemstone and style; whether it's sapphire, ruby, emerald, pink tourmaline, citrine, etc., whether it's halo style, three-stone, vintage, dancing gemstones, etc...

Above are some of my picks of those jewelries. Their unique shapes and the vintage-inspired style are my favorites. All of the colors spark beautifully. As for necklace number 6, it actually has a "dancing" pink gemstone, unfortunately I can't capture the beautiful sparkling of its dance -- simply visit the site to see this details.

Also, if you love or in the hunt for gemstone jewelry, try browsing the site to see more Angara's collection. So, which one is your favorite?




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