Outfit: Peach, Brown, Terracotta, and a pair of vintage Etienne Aigner leather ankle boots.

First thing I picked to create this outfit was this textured pinkish peach dress. Beside its pretty cut, I especially love its textured fabric. The texture adds a uniqueness to this dress. I then spontaneously paired it with brown cardigan, terracotta shawl, maroon handbag, and a pair of brown leather ankle-boots.. and then I realized that these colors are in the same color palette -- warm hues, a blending of orange, brown, red; and they made a good combination and looked autumnal.

As for these vintage lace-up boots, there's a story behind them. These vintage Etienne Aigner leather boots are pieces that I've been waiting for so long! They are a gift I picked myself from ThreeLittleWaves (a vintage shop based in the USA which has many unique and lovely vintage pieces) that had been given to me for winning a giveaway contest hosted by Larkspur Vintage collaborating with ThreeLittleWaves back then, about six months ago. These boots have been shipped to my address on June 1, 2015. I estimated it will arrive in July: about mid July or at the end of July (based on my experiences accepting packages from USA). But until August, the package didn't arrive. I asked the post office here several times (in August and September) to ask whether it has arrived or not, but the package still had not arrived. There's no tracking number either. Then, I gave up. I never asked the post office again. I thought I have lost them. I also didn't tell the 'giver' of this gift, because I didn't want to disturb them with this issue (they have been kindly giving me this gift. They had shipped out the gift, so now it's not their responsibility anymore). And I didn't know to whom I have to ask or complain about this issue... The post office only said that they haven't received it yet. Then, I just forgot about it.

Surprisingly, about a week ago, on October 26, 2015, the package arrived! Took almost 5 months! Can you believe this? -- strangely in the night before I suddenly remembered the package and planning to ask the post office again in the morning --. 

I don't know why it took so long to arrive, not like other packages I ever received from USA. I immediately opened it to check, and yes! It's the boots I've been waiting for! I tried them on, and they fitted me perfectly! Alhamdulillah.. I'm so grateful.

Long story short, so here they are.. my new favorite shoes for now! I wore them almost everyday ever since. They are so comfortable to wear, have very good quality, and looking stylish (don't they?).

The 'Vikings' pin I wore is special, too.. it was a gift from my little sister when she traveled to København, Denmark, in December 2012.

old cardigan
old pants
old handbag
Tommy Hilfiger watch (similar)
'Vikings' pin (from my little sister, bought in Denmark)
floral printed socks
*pictures by Lady Elmas 




  1. Cute dress :)
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    Maria V.


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