Style Crush: Diana Kotb, the Label.

Diana Kotb's Autumn/Winter 2014 collection:

Alhamdulillah.. it's raining here, after months of 'dry' season without rain! Our water-spring/well has started to dry. Plants and grasses have been so dried and changing their colors to brown. Now, as the rain is pouring down, the air is filled by the crisp, cool breeze that brings the scents of rain and wet dust. I'm so grateful..

Whilst it's raining outside, I'd love to share what I found recently. I was just randomly stumbled upon a clothing label by Diana Kotb. Diana is a modest fashion designer who lives in Australia. I firstly discovered Diana Kotb through instagram which then guiding me to her site, Looking at the lookbook and pieces she designed is incredibly impressing to me as it reflects a lot of my dream personal style -- I said 'dream' because I haven't had clothing pieces like these yet (blushing). Her designs are far beyond the typical Muslimah dresses as she channels old western style in an exquisite cut, tailored garment with sophisticated construction, and finishes each look off with retro accessories (boater hat, flower headband, etc). And this is the style I've been looking for! I was dreaming of a covered-style which has a touch of retro, whimsical and girly. I'm in love with her designs, and definitely would love to see even more of them.

And now I'm craving for those wool hat and vintage boater hat as pictured in the first image. Besides you probably could ask Diana for those hats, I saw a wool hat like that at H&M, and many gorgeous vintage boater hats at Etsy, but the price range is really out of my budget -- there are some woven-straw's craftsmenship here in my area, so I'm thinking of making my own vintage-inspired boater hat (by the helping of craftsmen, of course).

Here are few pictures from Diana Kotb's collections: the autumn/winter 2014, the Vicereine 2015, and the winter 2015. For more information about this label, visit

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Diana Kotb's the Vicereine 2015 collection:

Diana Kotb's Winter 2015 collection:




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