Outfit: Colorful polka-dots socks

This is the style I'd love to pull off, over and over again. Pants with dresses that reach the knees, playful socks, a lady-like style outerwear, paired with a retro handbag and shoes.

In today's outfit post I wore a simple white cotton dress matched with a black headscarf and black pants. The white dress was the first piece I picked to wear, and then chose the others based on this dress. It was meant to be an edgy black-and-white outfit. Yet, all I have at the moment were grey coat, retro-styled maroon handbag and these classic brown loafers. So, the whole look came out looking more retro rather than edgy. Anyway, my favorite item on this look is a pair of colorful polka dots socks that jazzed up my mood... and also the whole look, I think.

Outfit details:
black scarf
thrifted white dress
old grey coat
old pants
old handbag
Lowepro camera-bag
old socks
old loafers
*pictures by me




  1. I have also really liked the dots socks out of over all your clothes. different colored dots provide it awesome and unique look. I also want to buy some pairs of these types of socks.


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